06-07/07/2021 – Future of Finance & CFO Virtual Exchange avec le soutien et l’intervention de FiPlus

Future of Finance & CFO Virtual Exchange 2021, Europe’s premier CFO and Senior Finance Leaders forum

Finance functions have been forced to react quickly with the tremendous scale of change brought on by the unprecedented events last year. As businesses poised for recovery and growth in 2021, CFOs and finance leaders now need to shift their focus towards the future and take a lead role in the roaring pace of enterprise transformation.
As the finance functions deepening into transformation, it is clear that those who are harnessing the value of data to guide their decision making, who are pioneering into advanced and scaled automation, who are pushing the boundaries of innovation and exploring AI, machine learning opportunities, will stand out from their competition and will truly transform into the future.

In the meantime, with this role revolution, comes a need for a new type of finance professional, one not restricted to the reams of number crunching, but one who can influence business performance. CFOs and finance leaders should begin preparing now for the workforce they will need in the future, or risk falling behind.

Future of Finance & CFO Virtual Exchange 2021 is Europe’s premier CFO and Senior Finance Leaders forum dedicated to providing tangible insight from leading innovative finance functions. Whether you are exploring how to fully adopting digital transformation, or whether you are looking at how to set up an impactful business partnering strategy, this event provides exclusive, strategic-level insight from the best practitioners across Europe.
Finance leaders and transformation experts from leading, globally recognised companies will gather in July to network with and to learn from each other. If you fear that your finance function is not reaching the height of its potential, is not pushing the boundaries of its operations, and if you want to take your team to the next level, you must attend!

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