SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Future of Finance & CFO Summit, London 11-13/2/19


What is the Future of Finance?

Finance leaders who are unable or unwilling to critically assess their peopleprocesses and technology will ultimately fail to become truly valued strategic business partners.

The unprecedented pace of change within the finance function, and the wealth of opportunities available to the forward thinking finance leader to transform his or her operations is frankly staggering. Digital finance has precipitated the next wave of finance transformation, but brings its own challenges: what will it mean for you and your finance function? 

As we head towards 2020, next-level Finance Transformation takes on board the SSC transformation journey, whilst also forging ahead into newer areas, such as business intelligence, cognitive, and centres of excellence.

Future of Finance and CFO Summit 2019 will ensure you meet like-minded finance professionals who are developing their functions to help drive not only bottom line savings, but also advanced insight and partnering.

Download the Show Report to see the key themes and learning that came from Future of Finance 2018.

Download the Event Guide to reveal what’s in store for you in 2019 (including the CFO Boardroom).

Register now using our special discount code: FiPLUS_15 to get 15% off early bird pricing.

“Very well organised and everyone in the room seemed to be really engaged and interested in the topics. Change is inevitable; I think finance professionals should come to the event as the requirements for accountants in today’s market are meant to address its current challenges.”  // EMEA Finance Director, Google

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