23/03-03/04/2020 – Virtual Worldwide Finance Summit by the Outperformers (Australia): Intentionality in a rapidly changing world

As the finance function continues to face the ‘need to change’ in response to volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business conditions, finance leaders and their teams have an important question to ask.
Does change happen to us, or for us?

In 2020, The Outperformer brings you another series of the World’s best minds in finance to bring ‘ideas’ to reality, and to explore what you and your team can practically do to move the dial this year and beyond.

Informations & Inscription ICI

Détails des Webinars => vous en regardez 4 et vous avez accès à tout en replay !

23/3/20, 5am CET: Caroline Veitech : « The Future ‘Adaptive’ Finance Function – Trends, Challenges & Playing Catch-Up »

23/3/20, 11pm CET: Andrew Codd: « Value Creation and Transactional Efficiency; The Finance Balancing Act »

24/3/20, 11pm CET: Lance Rubin: « The Finance Tech Stack for an Adaptive Finance Team »

25/3/20, 4pm CET: Chris Argent: « Digital Finance Function: 10 Steps from Concept to Reality »

25/3/20, 11pm CET: James Perry: « The Young Accountants Career Tool Kit »


30/3/20, 8am CET: Wayne Andrews: « Finance Team of the Year – A Holistic Transformation »

31/3/20, 0h am CET: Angela Elliott: « Intentional Leadership in Creating an Adaptive Finance Function »

31/3/20, 8am CET: Brad Eisenhuth (Outperformers): « Building a Culture of Partnership in Finance »

1/4/20, 0h am CET: Jennifer Kozanic: « Building Your Finance Capability Framework – The Right Skills In Your Team »

2/4/20, 0h am CET: Rob Arthur: « The Role of Finance in Developing Strategy »

3/4/20, 0h am CET: Lorne Rubis: « Intentional Culture Transformation – Finance’s New Imperative »

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