02-05/06/20 – Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Digital & Virtual – free online event

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Transactional efficiencies are table stakes. With business disruption and uncertainty widespread due to COVID-19, Shared Services organisations are now setting  their sights on how to mitigate risk, develop re-entry strategies and enrich customer value by leveraging one of their greatest gold mines – data. 

The Shared Services model is now roughly three decades old and in that time, it has shifted from a cost-based, centralisation-driven approach to one that, today, offers transactional efficiencies as table stakes. Along the journey, Shared Services has leveraged opportunities ranging from low-cost offshore resources, over outsourcing, and more recently the robotic workforce to drive performance and deliver more value.  Building on the foundation constructed in the past 20 plus years, Shared Services organisations are now setting their sights on how to enrich customer value by leveraging one of their greatest gold mines – data.  While the mine is filling up with amplified volume and new types of data,  resulting from increased use of automation and process outcomes, Shared Services is faced with the opportunity to leverage it to design tailored, customer-centric service. 
By attending this event  you will learn how to: 

  • Leverage IA and data analytics to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, drive revenue growth and improve service quality 
  • Utilise predictive analytics to create a better experience for shared services customers
  • Unclog bottlenecks and increase visibility with process discovery and mining
  • Construct a GBS framework to improve analytics and insights, leading to transformed customer and employee experiences 
  • Leverage Future of Work concepts to accelerate service delivery transformation    
  • Scale automation to deliver amplified business value
  • Revamp your business continuity strategy in the era of COVID-19
  • Take your service delivery organisation into the future through CoEs, non-traditional services, analytics and business customisation  

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