29/09-01/10/20: OPEX Week Europe virtual summit, 100% free


In today’s extraordinary business environment, the role of the OPEX leader has both broadened and become laser focused. If there is anything the recent pandemic has made clear, it’s the importance of OPEX. Now, not only does the business look to you to deliver world-class performance, but also to lead them through these trying times, stronger and more seamlessly than ever.

With the role of OPEX undergoing this revolution, the expectations of results have dramatically increased. Getting all of these pieces in place will require a cohesive, holistic strategy, and a relentless focus on OPEX innovation, digital transformation, and placing the customer at the heart of process excellence to set your organization up for success.

Looking towards the future, businesses are going to be reliant on OPEX leaders to carry them through periods of disruption to come out stronger on the other side. OPEX Week Europe 2020 is the only gathering of the region’s OPEX leaders, and is the place to equip yourself with the tools, strategies and tactics to truly accelerate and sustain business transformation.

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